Scrum is an iterative incremental process of software development commonly used with agile software development. Despite the fact that "Scrum" is not an acronym, some companies implementing the process have been known to adhere to an all capital letter expression of the word, i.e. SCRUM. This may be due to one of Ken Schwaber's early papers capitalizing SCRUM in the title.[1]

Although Scrum was intended to be for management of software development projects, it can be used in running software maintenance teams, or as a program management approach.

Burndown Charts
Daily Scrum Meeting
Product Backlog
Product Backlog Item
Product Backlog Item Effort
Product Burndown Chart
Product Owner Role
Release Burndown Chart
Scrum Roles
ScrumMaster Role
Sprint Backlog
Sprint Burndown Chart
Sprint Goals
Sprint Planning Meeting
Sprint Retrospective Meeting
Sprint Task

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