Welcome to the Project Practice Portfolio wiki.

This wiki has 3 main inter-related sections;
Methodologies and Schools of thought
Practice Classes

The first, Methodologies and Schools of thought, is an alphabetical listing of the methodologies, schools of thought, branded, named, or otherwise randomly identified sources of practices used throughout the site. I do try to properly annotate sources and the first pass leans heavily on the excellent work done in Wikipedia.

I am using Methodologies and Schools of thought as generic containers for their practices. Practices can appear in Zero to Many (0..*) Practice Classes. Ideally every practice would be allocated to at least 1 Practice Class.

The second section, Practice Classes, is an alphabetical listing of the practices classes individual classes are related to throughout the wiki. As of December 2008 there are 37 Practice Classes arranged roughly from idea to creation through deployment and finally product retirement. These are based on the much more robust and sophisticated work of Capers Jones. Any practice may be added to any practice class if it can be ‘reasonably’ correlated with the activities the Practice Class encompasses.

Some practices such as those related to people will show up in nearly all Practice Classes while others may be very specific and relate to a single Practice Class. Each practice (see below) has a section to list the Practice Classes with which it is associated.

The third and most comprehensive section is the Practices Master List. Here you will find an alphabetical listing of ALL practices listed across the wiki. As of December 2008 there are 355 Practices listed. Each Practice has its own wiki page containing a series of section across the template lifecycle each with specific risks and rewards as well as the minimum and maximum values assigned to each, the Practice Classes where the current practice is included, and a comments section.

Example: Active Stakeholder Participation

In each section above, and anywhere they apear throughout the site, a plus sign ('+') can be clicked to expand the section and display its contents.

Please Help

We need your expertise to properly set the practices values as well as map them to the most appropriate Practice Classes. This repository for Practices is written collaboratively by volunteers from all around the world; anyone can edit it. You do not need specialized qualifications to contribute, since your primary role is to address Practices that are part of your existing knowledge.

Every user of the information accumulated here, deeply appreciate your efforts.
Thank you,
—Stephen Cohen

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