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Background:AM’s practice of Active Stakeholder Participation is an expansion of eXtreme Programming (XP)'s On-Site Customer that describes the need to have on-site access to people, typically users or their representatives, who have the authority and ability to provide information pertaining to the system being built and to make pertinent and timely decisions regarding the requirements, and prioritization thereof. While this level of participation is required to make your software development efforts effective it often isn’t sufficient in many organizations, particularly those where politics and not reason are the order of the day. Project success often requires a greater level of involvement by project stakeholders – senior management needs to publicly and private support your project, operations and support staff must actively work with your project team towards making your production environment ready to accept your system, other system teams must work with yours to support integration efforts, and maintenance developers must work to become adept at the technologies and techniques used by your system.

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